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You & Yours, Safer & Sounder.

Like any start-up Farmgate’s journey has been a whirlwind, as was their journey on landing on the right marketing partnership.

Finally engaging with Creative Consultants, albeit with a compressed timeline to get on television, we had rather a lot on our hands without much time.

The team pulled together and we got started - Firstly Farmgate needed a brand.

With core fundamentals and ideology behind the company - driven by their values and vision for safe rural communities, supporting them by actions, Farmgate’s purpose is to reduce rural crime annually by 50% in the areas where their systems are present, so rural communities feel safer in their homes.

We created a unique and compelling identity for Farmgate: a smart product that offers security and protection to farms and the farming community.

Farmgate is more than just a camera barrier arm system and while simplicity is still important, it was equally important for us to show that innovation and uniqueness are fundamental building blocks of this brand. It needed to still feel like a technology brand (because it is) and use colour and imagery to connect with the community aspect of the brand DNA.

This brand work was core to the rest of the product launch collateral as we introduced Farmgate to New Zealand.

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